Lux for lux

LUX FOR LUX was started with the intention of giving new life to ‘luxury toys’ owned through the exchange or swap with other luxury goods of the same or a different category; sale for money is also considered here, maybe to reinvest part of or all the income in new deals, thus stimulating a market which has recently found it hard to find space and dynamism. There is also a space (lux for gift) i.e. the bargain showcase, where the owners of the above-mentioned goods can promote the sale effectively at particularly attractive prices to dispose of an asset which has become ‘awkward’, thus enabling new purchasers to have access to this exclusive world at very advantageous conditions.

You can also specify and publish the request for one or more ‘luxury toys’ you want, thus promoting the exchange or swap with those already owned (and this never existed before!).

LUX FOR LUX ensures the anonymity of advertisers, whose sensitive data will obviously be kept confidential, except for the mail and username of their choice, used for interaction with the other ‘users’.

Companies will not only have the opportunity to publicise their sales announcements, through registration, but also forward their clients’ requests for trade-in, and draw directly on the requests of other advertisers; obviously, they must respect a Code of Conduct, always highlighting the conditions of sale or purchase through them.

LUX FOR LUX offers you a showcase of prestigious goods and the entrance to an exclusive club - vessels, vehicles and motor bikes, property, LUX VARIOUS that can be sold, exchanged, traded-in or bought quickly with simple and intuitive dynamics.

A beautiful, creative and trendy space where you can socialise, share and exchange not just articles but also ideas and experiences.
Marcello Corsoni is at your disposal with its thirty years of experience to accompany you with confidence, competence and creativity in the reality of selling through trade and exchange of luxury toys, and recommend the best strategy for achieving your goal.
Enjoy yourselves and get some good bargains!

Marcello Corsoni
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