Lux for lux


You’re about to enter the Lux For Lux world - the first on-line showcase for the exchange and trade-in of luxury articles.
By registering, you’ll have the chance to create and publish your adverts, both in the ‘SELL’ and the ‘WANT’ sections.
Remember that the advertisers are responsible for the contents, nevertheless, we reserve the right to check the reliability of what is uploaded on our portal.
As long as an adult, anyone can register with Lux For Lux . Registration gives the right to enter an advert in the ‘SELL’ section and one in the ‘WANT’ section and to interact directly with other Lux Users.

Type of user: Number of adverts:
Private 1 offer + 1 request
Company* 10 offer + 10 request
* = Body which acts for business/professional purposes
Type of service: Duration: Price:
Home page showcase 30 days € 100 VAT INCLUDED
Luxury for gift showcase 30 days € 100 VAT INCLUDED
Rare showcase 30 days € 100 VAT INCLUDED
Purchase of additional adverts with respect to the number agreed will lead to an additional cost of € 24.20 VAT included for every additional advert, with the duration and term at the date ox expiry of the signed contract in force. On expiry, additional adverts will be lost but can be repurchased in the same way.
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