Lux for lux
30/11/2012 LuxforLux: a viable alternative for the sale of your luxury toys!

If you want to buy or sell your luxury toys this may not seem the right time.

The financial crisis of 2008, in fact, has also affected the luxury goods and led to a major change in this market sector: consumption has fallen sharply in all segments form the real estate into automotive, from the boats to Luxury Toys, like jewelry and watches.

Some examples? In the segment of automotive in September 2012, compared to the same period last year, Porsche and Lamborghini have lost 62%, 51% Ferrari, Maserati, 55%, halving their sales from 8 cars sold in a year to 3. And from Genoa Boat Show the news is worse: his earnings were halved in four years, from 6.4 billion to just over 3 billion. Also for the real estate market, things are even worse: according to the data on the transaction recorded by the Land Registry in the second quarter of 2012 shows a decrease of 24.9%.

Right now when the market is ingreat difficulty the solution is Lux for Lux, the first platform in Italy for the web exchange and sale for Luxury Toys. Created by Marcello Corsoni, broker with many years of experience in the sale for toys in the luxury sector, the portal aims to give its users the possibility of allowing the encounter between supply and demand with a simple click.

Boats, cars, motorcycles, jewelry, watches, and even properties: these are the various categories of the site to which users can access, divided by the section dedicated to sales and one dedicated to research.

A practical solution to market Luxury Toys and acquire others in a practical and dynamic way in contrast to this bad moment.

Watch the interview with Marcello Corsoni, founder of the website, to learn more!

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